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Classification Of High Frequency Transformers According To Working Frequency

The high-frequency transformer is a power transformer with a working frequency exceeding 10kHz. It is mainly used as a high-frequency switching power supply transformer in high-frequency switching power supplies, and is also used in high-frequency inverter power supplies and high-frequency inverter welding machines as high-frequency inverter power transformers. of. According to the operating frequency, we divide high frequency transformers into the following categories:

First, according to the frequency range is divided into
1. kHz-level high-frequency transformer, which refers to a high-frequency transformer with an operating frequency of 20kHz to several hundred kHz;
2. MHz-level high-frequency transformer, which refers to a high-frequency transformer whose operating frequency is above 1MHz.

2. According to the working frequency band
1. Single-frequency or narrow-frequency high-frequency transformers, which refer to single-frequency or narrow-frequency operating frequencies, such as converter transformers, oscillator transformers, etc.;
2. Broadband transformer, it refers to the transformer working in a wide frequency range, such as impedance converter transformer, communication transformer, broadband power amplifier transformer, etc.
When the transmission power of the high-frequency transformer is relatively large, the power device generally uses IGBT. Because the IGBT has the phenomenon of tailing off current, the operating frequency is relatively low; the transmission power is relatively small, and MOSFET can be used, and the operating frequency is relatively high.

Post time: Jul-04-2022