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Laminated Silicon Steel Sheet EI57 Low Frequency Potting AC Transformer

Short Description:

Model No.: EI57 Transformer
Overall dimension: 81mm*43.5mm*52mm
Power:Below 18W
DC ressitance :7.5Ω MAX (at 20℃)
Input voltage:AC100/200V 50/60Hz
Output voltage:
S1:AC20.2V(Load current:50mA)
S2:AC20.1V(Load current:50mA)
S3:AC20.1V(Load current:50mA)
S4:AC8.2V(Load current:10mA)

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ROHS Directive Correspondence

This product complies with ROHS directive

Low Frequency Transformer (4)

Scope of Warranty

Warranty period: 1 year
However, the following cases are deemed to be outside the scope of the guarantee
(a) Damage caused by improper handling or use error by the requesting party.(b) The damage caused by the modification and repair by personnel other than the accepting party.
(c) Others, natural disasters, disasters, etc. are not the responsibility of Dezhou Sanhe Electric Co., Ltd.

What to do when a defect occurs

After the product arrives, if there is a defect in the field inspection or engineering inspection, the defective product will be returned with the reason for the delay. For the return, regardless of whether your company has processed or not, it will conduct a reason investigation, and the processing of the returned product will be decided on the basis of the agreement between the two parties according to the reason.


AC Transformer (2)


AC Potting Transformers-EI48 (1)


AC Potting Transformers-EI48 (3)


AC Transformer (6)

Winding Bobbin

AC Transformer (4)

P winding direction: Slit side front side

AC Transformer (5)

S winding direction: Slit side front side

        START FINISH    
1 P1 UEW 0.16mm 1200T /
2 P2 UEW 0.11mm 1200T CT-285#25(B)

W=12.0  1.5T

3 S1 UEW 0.18mm 263T CT-285#25(B)

W=12.0  2.5T

4 S2 UEW 0.18mm 263T CT-285#25(B)

W=12.0  2.5T

5 S3 UEW 0.18mm 263T CT-285#25(B)

W=12.0  2.5T

6 S4 UEW 0.18mm 104T CT-285#25(B)

W=12.0  2.5T

Package Dimensions

AC Transformer (7)


Widely used in the field of controlling switch power supply, LCD power supply, high-power UPS inverter power supply, computer power supply, energy-saving lamps

Kindly Reminder

1. About the SAMPLE. Please provide specification or sample materials, we will evaluate your product, design and produce samples.
2. About PRICE. Transformers are customized products. Due to the difference in material and design, even if the model is the same,the price is different. The price also depends on the complexity of the parameters and the number of orders.
3. Regarding SHIPPING. SamplE within 5-7 days; mass production within 10 to 20 days.
4. Packaging, logistics, according to the specific requirements of the purchase and sale contract.



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