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EI41 Vertical Low Frequency Lead Transformer Lamination Silicon Steel Sheet AC Transformer

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Model NO. :SANHE-EI41

SANHE-EI41 is a low-frequency transformer used for pole-mounted switches. It is connected in series in power distribution and transmission to ensure electricity safety. The product uses oriented silicon steel sheets as iron cores and cooperates with automatic switches to respond promptly for abnormal conditions in transmission.The transformer is durable and has good reliability.

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SANHE-EI41 needs to be installed in the automatic switch of the distribution curcuit, and is connected with the three-phase circuit inside the automatic switch to monitor the grounding signal for necessary protection. When numerical signal and phase exceeds the standard range, this transformer will cooperate with the automatic switch to implement protection actions to prevent danger happening.

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Item Specification
Application Inside of Pole-mounted switch
Temperature range -20℃~60℃
Frequency 50/60Hz
Output voltage 1V(High voltage 1 wire is fully grounded)
Accuracy ±20%(100V~3810V)
Phase characteristics 189±11°(30V~3810V)
Residual Voltage Characteristics ≤15mV
Secondary load resistance 630Ω
Resistance ≥10M Ω
Withstand voltage AC2000V 1min
Lightning impulse withstand voltage 7kv
NO. 1 2 3 4
Colour Green Red Blue Black
Length 100±10 110±10 80±10
Size UL1430 AWG#22
Pri Sec

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1. EI41 vertical bobbin and pins with frame for connection terminals
2. Using oriented silicon steel sheet as the core
3. Lead wires of different colors distinguish different signals and polarities, and connect with the designated position inside the automatic switch


1. The accurate various electrical parameters can respond in time to abnormal voltage values and phase deviations
2. Solid structure, stable and reliable performance, suitable for long-term use under harsh conditions
3. Materials of the oriented silicon steel sheet with moderate characteristics is more cost-effective



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