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Customizable EI41 12V Lamination Silicon Steel Sheet Low Frequency AC Transformer

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Model NO. :SANHE-EI41-003

SANHE-EI41-003 transformer is used for disaster prevention alarm equipment. Silicon steel sheet ferrite core and metal frame structure makes it sturdy and durable, easy to install and hard to get damaged. This transformer can work normally even in harsh environmental conditions and can keep the alarm equipment from breakdown due to collision or vibration.

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Mainly used to supply power for disaster prevention alarm equipment. When an accident occurs, it helps alarm equipment work normally so that the alarm can be sent to all different households in time and emergency measures can be taken. There' s chances to encounter relatively harsh environment. So the reliability of this transformer is required to meet high standards, especially in the firmness of the installation, the ability to withstand vibration or shock, etc.

Low Frequency Transformer (4)


1.No Load Current
Pin Input Vol/F No-load Current Load Current
1-3 100VAC 50/60Hz 35mA Max 45mA Max
2.Rated secondary characteristic and deflections
Pin Input Vol/F No-load output voltage load output voltage Load Current
7-8 100VAC 50/60Hz 8.1V±4% 7.0V±4% 0.38A
8-9 100VAC 50/60Hz 8.1V±4% 7.0V±4% 0.38A

Dimensions:(Unit: mm)& Diagram

Dimensions (8)
Dimensions (14)


1. The transformer adopts a vertical structure and combines pins with screws to fix it
2. It will be connected to the base, so the tolerance needs to be very small for dimensional coordination.
3. Use insulating protective cover to increase its resistence to stress
4. There is thermal fuse installed inside the transformer


1. Sturdy structure prevents it from damage
2. Precise dimensional coordination makes it easy to install
3. Can be installed firmly and sturdily, good performance in anti-vibration and shock resistance
4. The transformer is equiped with its own thermal fuse to protect the circuit to reach high safety



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