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SANHE EE22.5 220V 110V Small Step Down High Frequency Flyback Transformer For Charger

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Model NO. :SANHE-EE22.5

SANHE-EE22.5 is a switching power transformer applied to the charger for cleaners. The battery of the cleaner can be charged with this transformer working with the charging adapter. This SANHE-22-113 features a compact structure, stable characteristics, good insulation and electromagnetic compatibility and is suitable for fast chargers with high power and small size.

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1. Provide the required working voltage for the charging adapter of the cleaner and fast charging.
2. It has the function of insulation to ensure the safety of the user during operation
3. Cooperate with the power chip to provide protection for basic overvoltage or overpower .


1.Voltage & Current Load
Output Vout
Type(V) 30V
Current(A) 2A
Type(W) 60W
2.Frequency  65KHz
3.Operation Temp Range:  The maximum temperature rise:65℃
4.Input Voltage Range(AC)  100/240V 50/60Hz

Dimensions:(Unit: mm)& Diagram

Dimensions (15)
Dimensions (12)


1. Under the condition of complying with safety distance required by the regulation, design of flying wire and insulating protective sheet reduces its size.
2. The shielding windings inside the transformer optimizes EMC
3. Reduce noise by adjusting electrical parameters and power supply and no impregnation


1. The use of insulating protective sheets can make the product more compact and save space
2. Good EMC electromagnetic compatibility
3. Can deal with high-power fast charging situations
4. Low loss and high efficiency
5. Skip unnecessary processes, cost-effective



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