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SANHE UL Certified FT14 Custom Flat Wire Common Mode Filter Inductor For TV

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Model No.: SH-FT14
It is a common-mode filter inductor for TVs, which is used to eliminate common-mode electromagnetic interference that is generated during power supply operation. The product is winded by flat copper wire, which has high production efficiency and good consistency, which effectively make the electromagnetic compatibility of the power board meet the specified standards.

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SH-FT14 is a necessary common mode inductor that is a necessary part of switch mode ower supply. Under the high frequency condition of 60-70KHz, switch mode power supply will generate a lot of noise and peak current during operation. If these signals are not inhibited, the EMC of the circuit will exceed the standard. This filter inductor can be connected to the AC input of the power supply and absorb the common mode interference signal in it.


1 Inductance 1-2 7.5mH min 1.0KHz,1.0Vrms
2 Balance Inductance |L(1-2)-L(4-3)| 0.5mH MAX
3 DCR 1-2 150 mΩ MAX AT 25℃
4 Rated current 1.5A

Dimensions:(Unit: mm) & Diagram

LCL 20-351 (1)
LCL 20-351 (2)


1. Using flat copper wire makes it possible for the common mode inductor to accomplish the automatic winding, saves a lot of labor and improves efficiency
2. In order to avoid noise during work, the product has added insulating paint impregnation process
3. Specially customized structure hugely reduces overall height and thinness of the inductor


1. The height of LCL-20-351 common mode inductor can be controlled at 15mm, which is suitable for ultra-thin TVs
2. Automatic winding, the operating efficiency is higher than the traditional toroidal inductor, and the cost performance is better
3. Automatic winding ensures better consistency of product characteristics
4. The structure of flat wire winding keeps the ferrite core from instability of inductance caused by the stress of the copper wire




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