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SANHE EE42 Black High Power LLC Resonant Mode Transformer For LED TV

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Model NO. : SANHE-42-544
SANHE-42-544 is an LLC resonant transformer for LED TV, used for color TV with higher power, to provide voltage for each functional module of TV. Due to the use of a nested structure, the weight of transformer is lower than the traditional LLC resonant transformer of the same power, with functions of simpler manufacturing process, and better heat dissipation

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SANHE-EE42 is a resonant mode transformer specially used for switch mode power supply of LED TV, which improve the working efficiency of the power supply by means of zero current switching. It makes up for the shortcomings of insufficient power and efficiency of flyback transformer used for a large-sized TV. Its basic functions are similar to  a conventional LED TV transformer. It is mainly used to provide the AC-DC converted working voltage to the backlight power supply part, the signal processing part and the audio part, to ensure that the TV can work normally, and to provide necessary protection with the power circuit.


Input Voltage 160-264V
Rated Load Input Current 220V/60Hz/1.5A
Efficiency 84%Min/Rated Load
Standby Power Consumption 0.485W Max


Output Characteristics
Output Voltage Regulation Min. Current Rated Current Peak Current Remark
+12.2VSB 9~13V 18mA Standby
+12.2V 11.59V~12.81V 0A 4.5A 6A Normal


LED Backlight Power Part
Output Voltage Min. Voltage Nominal Voltage Max. Voltage Multi Channel Currents Duty Range
Min Rated Max
VLED 139V 158.4V 172.8V 712mA 750mA 788mA 15%-100%

Dimensions:(Unit: mm)& Diagram



The SANHE-42-544 LLC transformer adopts the double Bobbin nested structure to replace the traditional slotted winding structure, and uses the leakage inductance of the transformer itself as the resonant inductance to cancel the independent resonant inductance. The process is more simplified and the cost is lower

On the other hand, as the overall size of the nested structure is not affected by the winding, that effectively reduce the height of the product. This transformer can be produced with a height below 15mm, which is most suitable for ultra-thin TVs.


1. High power and efficiency comparing with the traditional flyback transforme
2. Low overall height, compact structure and small occupied space
3. Excellent heat dissipation.
4. Simple manufacturing techniques, high production efficiency and lower cost



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