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Customized High Frequency High Voltage Flyback EE13 Electric Switching Power Supply Transformer

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Model NO. :SANHE-EE13

SANHE-EE13 is a switching power supply transformer used for drive of turbo washing machine. It can provide necessary working voltage for the control circuit of washing machine. This transformer works with a simple flyback working mode and is made with special high-insulation materials to simultaneously provide two stable accesses to DC voltages.

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1. Provide control signals for the servo motor of the washing machine
2. Provide a stable working voltage for the control chip of the washing machine circuit


1.Voltage & Current Load
Output V1 V2
Type(V) 5 12
Min Load 5mA 0mA
Max Load 250mA 180mA
2.Operation Temp Range: -40℃ to 85℃
3.Input Voltage Range(AC)
Rated 220V 50Hz
Min 90V 50/60Hz
Max 264V 50/60Hz
4.Environmental Condition
Keep Temperature -25℃~+85℃
Keep Humidity 20%~95%
Use Temperature -40℃~+115℃
Use Humidity 20%~85%
Insulation Grade 115℃:Class E
Freq. 44.0kHz
Gross weight 5g

Dimensions:(Unit: mm)& Diagram



1. Works with a flyback working mode
2. Made with BOBBIN of CTI>400 high-insulation material
3. Method for high-coupling winding combination
4. Impregnate with epoxy resin insulation layer to improve insulation performance


Considering washing machine is always in a humid environment, this transformer is made with Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) above 400 and epoxy resin insulation paint that can effectively improve the insulation performance of the product and reduce the risk of short circuit.

The power of the transformer itself is small. This transformer also has vertical EE19 skeleton so as to reduce its size as much as possible and save room under the condition of ensuring a safe distance.



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