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High Frequency Transformer Ferrite Core EPC25 Switching Power Supply Transformer For Doorbells

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EPC25 is a switching power transformer used in electronic doorbells. It is mainly used to provide power supply of doorbell with power. The mains can be connected to maintain a continuous standby state. With a chip and pin structure, SMD automatic placement can be realized for higher production efficiency. Fully insulated design for longevity and safety in use, SANHE-25-201 can pass reliability test of strict standards.

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EPC25 transformer mainly supplies power to each functional module of the doorbell to realize image and sound transmission, data storage, sending control commands and other functions. It can output three sets of voltages at the same time, including power supply and protection. In addition, primary and secondary isolation protection is realized to prevent danger of leakage caused by circuit failures.


Voltage & Current Load
Input(Type) 110-220V
Output(Type) V1 V2 V3
12V 12V 10V
Electrical Characteristics
1 Inductance 8-9 1.3mH±10% 100KHz 1Vrms
2 Leakage 8-9 26uH Max 100KHz 1Vrms
Pin 2,3,4,5,6,7,10,11 short
3 DCR 2-3 90mΩ Max At 25℃
4-5 80mΩ Max
6-7 290mΩ Max
8-9 2.5mΩ Max
10-11 82mΩ Max
4 HI-POT P-S No short break AC1.8KV/1mA/2s
P,s-Core AC1.2KV/1mA/2s
5 Insulation resistance P-S No short break AC1.5KV/1mA/60s
P,s-Core AC1.0KV/1mA/60s

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1. SMD chip structure
2. Adopt internal shield winding to improve the anti-electromagnetic interference ability
3. Magnetic core with additional protective tape extends safety distance
4. There are strict size requirements for smoothness of the SMD pins
5. Blister packaging


1. EPC25 SMD structure makes it possible to be installed by mounting technology which has high efficiency
2. Sufficient protecion of insulation and isolation for use safety
3. Designed with shielded winding, good EMC anti-interference ability
4. It can provide multiple stable output voltages at the same time, and the voltage fluctuation is small



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