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AC Transformer 220V EI41 Laminated Silicon Steel Sheet Low Frequency Transformer

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Model NO. :SH-EI41-001

SH-EI41-001 is a low frequency transformer used for TOTO Toilets and provides required working voltage for smart bathroom. The transformer is made of silicon steel sheet iron core, designed with a pin-type structure, which is firm and easy to install. Considering the relatively humid working environment, its primary side and secondary side are fully insulated for use safety. The whole transformer is impregnated with paints to avoid reliability problems such as short circuit and breakdown.

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SH-EI41 is a low frequency power transformer, its main function is to provide two required working voltages for the main board of smart bathroom that can accomplish functions of command control, motor drive, screen display and so on. At the same time, this transformer also plays the role of primary and secondary insulation and isolation for use safety and prevents danger caused by leakage when circuit fails.

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1.Voltage & Current Load
Output S1 S2
Min(V) 30 10.5
Type(V) 36.6 12.9
Max(V) 58.7 22.1
Min Load 5mA 5mA
Max Load 45mA 170mA
2.Operation Temp Range: -40℃ to 85℃
3.Input Voltage Range(AC)
Rated 100V 50/60Hz
Min 90V 50/60Hz
Max 110V 50/60Hz

Dimensions:(Unit: mm)& Diagram



1. Low frequency pin structure
2. Built-in fuse
3. Use an insulating shell to isolate the primary and secondary to extend safety distance
4. Low loss, low temperature rise design


1. The bobbin is firm and reliable, and the pin-type structure is easy to install
2. Equiped with fuse for improvement of product safety
3. It can pass reliability tests of high and low temperature, thermal shock, vibration, etc.
4. Small fluctuation of temperature rise and high work efficiency



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