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High Frequency Lead Connection High Voltage Potting Transformer

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It is a high-voltage potting transformer used in laser cutting and engraving machines. There is a built-in voltage multiplier circuit to cooperate with the loop to provide required high voltage for the laser tube. This product is equipped with three high-voltage transformers in series at the same time to obtain required high voltage. For insulation under high-voltage working conditions, slotted BOBBIN and potting with epoxy resin is applied for high voltage output over tens of thousands of volts without breakdown.

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It is applied to laser tube of laser cutting and engraving machine. It can give a high voltage of 3W volts to the electrodes at both ends of laser tube and generates a high-voltage arc through breakdown of carbon dioxide medium inside laser tube, which converges to form laser rays. High-temperature lasers can be applied for high-precision engraving or cutting of non-metallic materials such as leather, cloth, plastic, bamboo, wood, etc.


NO. ITEM unit standard
1 Anode High Voltage (EHT) KV ≥-10
2 Primary Current mA ≤STD+15
Test condition 1)+B Voltage 36.0±0.5Vdc
2)Frequency:  40 KHz

Dimensions:(Unit: mm)& Diagram



1. Special high-voltage multi-slot BOBBIN prevents breakdown between winding turns
2. Epoxy resin potting improves insulation
3. Three transformers in series increases overall voltage output
4. Self-contained voltage doubler circuit


1. The scheme of series connection can reduce the working pressure for each separate transformer and provide a higher output voltage
2. Sufficient insulation and protection assures that it can operate normally under high voltage working conditions
3. With internal voltage multiplier circuit, voltage of the transformer can be increased directly for a better circuit working ability
4. The resonant working mode can effectively reduce loss and improves working efficiency of the power supply




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