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SANHE EE19 High Voltage Switching Power Supply Transformer For Printer

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Model NO. :SH-EE19

It is a high-voltage switching power supply transformer used in printer. It provides necessary driving voltage and negative high voltage for the power supply. Multi-slot structure with special slot design to fit for laps and ways of winding can share the high output voltage, and ensure sufficient safety distance between the lead and the winding to avoid corona and high voltage breakdown.

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SH-EE19 is used in desktop laser printers to supply power to the drive unit, control unit, protection unit, etc. of the printer power supply. It can provide the printer with a negative high voltage of more than 5KV to absorb toner for printing and imaging through the principle of high-voltage static electricity.


1.Voltage & Current Load
Output V1 V2 V3 V4
Type(V) Vpp=6.12 Vpp=41 Vpp=40.4 Vpp=5376
Current(mA) 0.174 32.45 0.009 0.104
2.Operation Temp Range:
The maximum temperature rise:65℃
4.Input Voltage Range(AC)
Min 85V 50/60Hz
Max 273V 50/60Hz

Dimensions:(Unit: mm)& Diagram

Dimensions (7)
Dimensions (13)


1. BOBBIN made of PBT material, multi-slot structure
2. Wind with the ultra-fine enameled copper wire below 0.1mm that the end is fixed and protected by epoxy
3. Special automatic equipment winding
4. CCD optical inspection equipment for inspection to prevent wire breakage


1. Fine structural design ensures the reliability of the high-voltage part of the printer, and can effectively avoid problems such as flashover and short circuit.
2. Dedicated high-speed automatic winding machine ensures the production efficiency and consistency of products
3. Tailor-made blister packaging makes it safe transport and easy to use
4. Fully automated soldering equipment can ensure good soldering result



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