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EI41 AC DC Low Frequency Transformer Silicon Steel Sheet Reactor

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Model NO. :SANHE-EI41-004

It is a reactor used in front-loading washing machines, which plays the role of anti-interference and suppressing surge current in the circuit. The product adopts low frequency structure design and argon welding process of silicon steel sheet. It has the advantages of solid structure, reliable performance and easy installation.

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1. It can smooth the current, and can suppress the instantaneous peak current from the power grid to protect the safety of the loop.
2. Absorb harmonics, improve power factor, and resist interference

Low Frequency Transformer (4)


NO. Item Condition Specification
1 Inductance AC 6.0A 50Hz 4.2mH±10%
2 Impedance
AC 6.0A 50Hz 7.7V±10%
3 Hi-pot core-coil AC2KV 1mA 3sec No Break
4 Insulation resisitance DC500V 100MΩ min
5 DC-resistance 20℃ 190mΩ±20%
6 Temperature rising AC 6.0A 50Hz 85K max
7 Noise AC 4.0A 60Hz  space 150mm 40dB max

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1. Features EI41 bobbin and customized core of silicon steel sheet. Stable inductance.
2. The product components are all high-quality materials that meet UL standards
3. Considering long-term vibrating working environment, the core adopts the argon welding process to withstand the vertical tension of 40N
4. Wire leads can withstand a vertical tension force of 30N, using durable and reliable connector produced by AMP


1. Solid and reliable structure out of the welding process and strong anti-vibration ability
2. High-quality materials ensure all components have long service life and stability
3. Connected with screw and connector assembly, the reactor can be installed easily and assembled tightly.
4. This reactor with excellent reliability can work continuouly for a long time even in harsh environment of high and low temperature
5. Low loss and low noise



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