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UL Certified 130W Switching Mode Power Supply PFC Line Filters Inductor For Television

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Model NO. :SH-EE31

It is a PFC inductor used in TV, it is suitable for switching power supply with power of 100-130W, and plays the role of power correction in the loop. It has a simple structure with height less than 14.5mm and wound by automatic equipment, with high production efficiency and good resistance to peak current.

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SH-EE31, as a PFC inductor, can perform power factor correction of the power supply.
Unsynchronized waveforms of the voltage and current whose impact on high power supplies is more obvious during the operation of the power supply can lead to increased losses in the loop. Thus the use of PFC inductors can correct the waveforms of voltage and current and make up for such defects. It can also improve the working efficiency of the power supply by increasing proportion of effective power in the total power consumption.


1 Inductance 2-4 219u H±10% 1.0KHz,1.0Vrms
2 DCR 2-4 283mΩ± 15% AT 25℃
3 Rated current 1A

Dimensions:(Unit: mm)& Diagram



1. Special EE31 structure, small size and low height
2. Special design and structure makes it possible to use automatic winding.
3. Suitable for power supply with low power ranging from 100 W to 130 W


1. The height is less than 14.5mm, suitable for ultra-thin TVs
2. The dimensions of structural components are calculated precisely so that the inductor can not be damaged under harsh conditions of high and low temperature
3. Automatic winding can effectively reduce costs
4. The power efficiency reaches more than 85%



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