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220 To 110 High Frequency Flyback PQ32 Ferrite Core PFC Inductor

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Model NO. :SH-PQ32

It is a PFC inductor for 180W laser TV. Working with the LLC transformer in circuits, it plays the role of modifying power factor and improving working efficiency of the power supply. Since the power supply has high requirements on EMC, PQ32 ferrite core with better magnetic shielding effect is applied to the transformer. Besides, copper foil for exterior shielding is used to reduce electromagnetic radiation.

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It is mainly used in the primary input part of LLC resonant circuit. As the power of the laser power supply is rather large, it is necessary to modify power factor to synchronize curves of voltage input and current input as much as possible and to reduce the loss caused by reactive current in circuits. Working efficiency of the power supply also has been improved. Because the inductor works in high frequency condition, interferences such as electromagnetic radiation easily appear. It is necessary to take shielding measures to avoid excess of EMC by standard.


1 Inductance 6-7 300u H±5% 10KHz,0.3Vrms
2 DCR 6-7 155mΩ MAX AT 25℃
3 HI-POT COIL-CORE No Break 1KV/5mA/60s

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1. PQ structure with side-assembled core
2. LITZ wires are used to reduce skin effect and temperature rise
3. Epoxy is used in the butt surface of iron core to eliminate noise
4. Cross-shaped copper foil outside the ferrite core for shielding


1. The BOBBIN structure with iron core entered from the side saves space for power board
2. The iron core with PQ32 structure and copper foil outside for shielding ensures good EMC indicators
3. Sufficient margin for DC superposition index and well performance in anti-saturation
4. Good effect in temperature rise



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