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Customized Switch Mode Power Supply Transformer For Golbal Cooperation

Dezhou Sanhe Electric Co., Ltd. is a famous manufacturer of electronic components and electrical appliances in China. With more than 30 years of industry experience, and we are a large-scale manufacturer integrating research and development, design, production, sales and service.

We manufacture and sell transformers to customers all over the world. We have established long-term cooperation with the global electronics industry giant "Panasonic" and many other enterprises, and successively won the title of "Class A Supplier" of Panasonic, TCL, Samsung and other well-known enterprises in Japan.

switched-mode power supply, sometimes known as a switch mode power supply or SMPS, is an electronic power supply that integrates a switching regulator for efficient electrical power conversion. Like other supplies, an SMPS transfers power from a DC or AC source to DC loads while converting voltage and current. We can provide various types of switching power transformers, including EE type, EFD type, EPC type, ER type, PQ type and other types. Power application range 0-5kw, mainly used in household appliances, solar power generation, instrumentation, communication, new energy, LED lighting, electric vehicles and other industries.

The advantages of switch mode power supply transformer:

High efficiency: A switch action means that the series regulator element is on or off. So very little energy is given off as heat, and very high levels of efficiency can be achieved.

Compact: Due to high efficiency and low heat dissipation level, Switching mode power supplies can be made more compact.

Costs: One of the things that makes switching power very attractive is cost. The higher efficiency and switching characteristics of the design mean that less heat is required than a linear power supply, resulting in lower costs. Over time, the switching nature of the power supply means that many components cost less.

Flexible technology: Switching power supply technology can be used to provide high-efficiency voltage conversions in voltage step-up or Boostapplications or step-down Buckapplications.

On balance, switching power supplies are ideal for a host of applications from computers to chargers, and laboratory equipment to many items of domestic electronic gadgetry. Cost, size, and efficiency are key factors in ensuring that they become a major technology for many applications.

SANHE always adhere to the quality of reputation, innovation and development of the enterprise purpose, manufacturing customer satisfaction products, to provide you with the most cost-effective products.

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Post time: Feb-17-2023