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Flat Copper Wire and Litz Wire Used In High Frequency Transformer Coil

According to the magnetic core and current, it is determined whether to use Litz wire or flat copper wire. Litz wire is used for low current, and flat copper wire is used for high current.

The advantage of litz wire is that the process is simple; the disadvantage is that if the current is too large, the number of strands of litz wire will be too many, and the process cost will be higher.

The design of copper tape is similar to the design of Litz wire. First determine the current value, determine the current density according to the temperature rise requirements, divide the current by the current density to obtain the required cross-sectional area, and then calculate the required wire according to the cross-sectional area. The difference is that the cross-sectional area of the Litz wire is the sum of multiple circles, and the flat copper wire is a rectangle.

Flat copper wire
Advantages: very suitable for one or two turns of winding, high space utilization, small leakage inductance, high current resistance

Disadvantages: high cost, not suitable for multiple turns, poor versatility, difficult process

Flat copper wire cannot be used at high frequency, because the frequency is too high, the skin effect will be more obvious, and the winding is very inconvenient. The advantage is that it is suitable for large currents, litz wire is the opposite. High frequency has advantages, and winding is convenient. But it is prone to overload at high current.

Post time: Jul-01-2022