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Manual Work Area And Multi Spindle Production Line

or most facilities in our factory cannot be shown in public as here are many secrets on our craft,machine and technology. However we hope to be known more after all foreign customers could not visit us because of COVID since 2 years ago. We hope to show a authentic part to you, what we do is not trying to convince you, but try out best to let you believe what we do,how we do and how good we are, and we hope that bring you confidence to cooperate with us.

Here is a picture of semi auto winding machine that realize winding and wrapping the tape complete synchronously. 12 spindles in one machine,speed can be adjusted with different crafts. When the winding process is finished, our staffs remove all the finished bobbin and put them into a box, then equip new bobbin to start to wind again. The winded bobbin will be spot checked by QC

Multi spindle production lines(12 spindles)

These machines can realize winding and wrapping the tape complete synchronously

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Automatic Dispensing Machine

This is automatic dispensing machine that is semi auto device was modified by by ourselves.
Realized standard dispensing, high consistency, accurate dispensing position and uniform dispensing
Our staff only equip the stand-by transformers on the gauge, and the device will dispense
automatically, then take off all of them, the process is finished.
The reason we developed the device is not only for improving the appearance, but for better quality,
we found dispensing volume is very important for the performance. And the data shows the
performance improved 30% than manual dispensing, efficiency is much more than that.

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CNC Manual Work Area

Some customers worry whether Sanhe is capable of producing small orders, special
structures or complicated products, customers couldn’t only give bulk orders to
Sanhe,small quantity to others.
CNC production line is the answer to the customer’s misgiving, that is
for the products of small quantity, special and complicated structures, and the
delivery time is also guaranteed because of mature production system and
experienced staffs

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Post time: Dec-03-2021