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Triple Insulated Wire Used In High Frequency Transformers

Triple insulated wire is a high-performance insulated wire. This wire has three insulating layers, the middle is the core wire, and the first layer is a golden-yellow polyamine film with a thickness of several microns, but it can withstand 3KV pulsed high voltage , the second layer is a high insulating spray paint coating, the third layer is a transparent glass fiber layer, the total thickness of the insulating layer is only 20-100um, its advantage is high insulating strength, any two layers can withstand AC 3000V safe voltage, high current density.

The following points should be paid attention to when using triple insulated wire:

1. The storage conditions of the three-layer insulated wire are that the ambient temperature is -25~30 degrees Celsius, the relative humidity is 5%~75%, and the storage period is one year. It is forbidden to store the three-layer insulated wire in the environment of high temperature, high humidity, direct sunlight and dust. For triple insulated wires that have exceeded the storage period, the insulation breakdown voltage, withstand voltage and windability tests must be re-tested.

2. Pay attention to the following precautions when winding: The triple insulated wire is reinforced by the film. If the film is seriously deformed or damaged due to mechanical stress or thermal stress, the safety standard cannot be guaranteed; there should be no burrs on the transformer skeleton, the corners of the contact wires should be smooth (form chamfers), and the inner diameter of the outlet should be 2 to 3 times the outer diameter of the wire; the end of the cut wire is very sharp and should not be close to the wire coating.

3. When peeling off the film, it is necessary to use special equipment such as three-layer insulated wire peeling machine and adjustable peeling machine. Its characteristic is that while the film is melted, the peeling work is carried out, so the wire will not be damaged. If an ordinary wire stripper is used to strip the insulating film, the wire may be thinned or even broken.

4. There are two devices for welding triple insulated wires. One is a static solder tank, which is suitable for welding triple insulated wires below 4.0mm. When soldering, move horizontally in the solder tank and vibrate the coil bobbin, and the soldering work can be completed in a short time. Another welding device is an air-cooled spray-type solder tank, which can weld multiple coil bobbins at the same time and is suitable for mass production.


Post time: Jul-22-2022