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High Stability Encapsulated Silicon Steel Sheet Iron Core low Frequency Power Potting Transformer

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Model NO. :SH-EI28

The SH-EI28 product is a transformer used for Environment-friendly exhaust fan which provides necessary low frequency working voltage for the power supply of exhaust fans. This transformer, made of silicon steel sheet iron core is potted with epoxy resin to improve its ability to withstand voltage and to achieve insulation and moistureproof. It features stable performance, low loss, safety and high reliability.

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SH-EI28 is a power type low frequency transformer, which can provide a stable output voltage by connecting the mains electricity to ensure the normal operation of the board. This product has a special shell and is potted with epoxy resin because it needs to do well in moistureproof, rust protection and insulation while exhaust fans can be installed in special occasions to take away humid air.


1.No Load Current
Pin Input Vol/F No-load Current No-load Loss Load Current
1-3 100VAC 50/60Hz 25mA Max 1.8W Max 30mA Max
2.Rated secondary characteristic and deflections
Pin Input Vol/F No-load output voltage load output voltage Load Current
4-6 100VAC 50/60Hz 13.4V±5%

Dimensions:(Unit: mm)& Diagram

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1. The process of resin potting
2. The product shell, designed with a fixed buckle make it fast to lock the board
3. The output voltage is controlled strictly
4. Low power loss


1. Potted with epoxy resin, it can effectively prevent the iron core and copper wire from rusting due to moisture and prolong its service life;
2. The design of the buckle not only makes the installation convenient, but also improves the fixing strength of the product;
3. Solid structure and good reliability
4. High accuracy of output voltage
5. Low no-load loss and high efficiency




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