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High Frequency Isolating SMD Mounted Ferrite Core Flyback EFD20 transformer

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EFD20 is a high-frequency switching transformer used in vehicle power supply. It mainly supplies power for electronic equipment in the vehicle and can realize multiple outputs at the same time. With high accuracy of voltage output, this transformer minimize fluctuation. SMD pin design makes it possible for SMD automatic placement and improvement of production efficiency.

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EFD20 is an isolation transformer used in on-board control. It can provide 5 output voltages at the same time and provides required energy for each working unit of automotive electronics, such as operation of CPU, module drive, indicator light display and other basic functions.


1.Voltage & Current Load
Output V1 V2 V3 V4 V5
Type(V) 12V 12V 8.5V 12V 12V
Max Load 0.85A 0.5A 0.2A 0.16A 0.16A
2.Operation Temp Range: -30℃ to 70℃
The maximum temperature rise:65℃
3.Input Voltage Range(AC)
Min 7V
Max 20V

Dimensions:(Unit: mm)& Diagram



1. SMD structure makes it easy for mounting assembly
2. Miniaturized design reduces peripheral size to the maximum under the premise of ensuring safety distance
3. Use of margin tape ensures sufficient safety distance
4. Strict with the tolerance of flatness of pins


1. SMD mounted structure is conducive to assembly of power supply
2. EFD20 structure minimizes product height
3. Stable multi-channel voltage output
4. Adequate safety distance of insulation
5. Low temperature rise, low energy loss



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