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EE28 24V 220V DC SMPS Step Up High Voltage Switching Power Supply Electric Transformer

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Model NO. :SANHE-EE28

SANHE-EE28 is a switching power supply transformer for camera monitor. It can convert the mains power into required DC voltage and provide continuous energy for camera power supply. Due to limited internal space of monitor, vertical EE28 structure is applied to SANHE-28-551 for smaller occupied space. A small flyback switching power supply loop is also used to meet needed requirements.

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SANHE-EE28 is a high-frequency flyback switching power supply transformer, which can provide a stable 24V DC working voltage for power supply of monitor. It can also ensure user safety by insulation. With SANHE-28-551, wide Input Voltage Range can be achieved and peak voltage and no-load loss can be controlled at a very low level. It has good efficiency and EMC level.


1.Voltage & Current Load
Output Vout
Type(V) 24V
2.Input Voltage Range(AC)
Rated AC110-220V

Dimensions:(Unit: mm)& Diagram



1. Vertical EE28 structure occupies less horizontal space
2. Triple insulated copper wire and Teflon sleeve to improve insulation
3. Shielded windings improve the product's ability to resist electromagnetic interference
4. Due to the compact arrangement of power board components, protective tape covered outside is used to help insulate from surrounding components


1. Compact structure and high space utilization
2. Low voltage spike, low no-load power consumption
3. Good electromagnetic shielding ability
4. Sufficient protection of internal insulation as well as peripheral insulation



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