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SANHE EQ34 15mm High Voltage Power Transformer For Slim TV

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Model No.: SANHE-EQ34
It is a power main transformer for LED TV, which provides necessary operatiing voltage for LED backlight, control chip and audio power amplifier of TV simultaneously with such freatures of small height and good electromagnetic compatibility. And other characteristics, suitable for mainstream ultra-thin large-screen color TV use.

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SANHE-EQ34 is a typical flyback transformer for TV switch mode power supply, which mainly has the following functions:

1. Supply power to the backlight power supply of LED color TV and get the screen to work when the TV is turned on and working
2. Provide a stable working voltage for the PWM chip control part of the power supply, so that it can drive the entire circuit to operate normally
3. Transmit energy for auxiliary functions of TV, such as USB interface, audio amplifier of speakers, etc.


1.Voltage & Current Load
Output V1 V2 Vcc
Type(V) 13.2 49 10-25V
Max Load 4.5A 0.9A
2.Operation Temp Range: -30℃ to 75℃
The maximum allowable temperature rise:65℃
3.Input Voltage Range(AC)
Min 99V 50/60Hz
Max 264V 50/60Hz
4.Working Mode
Working frequency f=65KHz Operating mode CCM Mode in all Load range

Dimensions:(Unit: mm) & Diagram

SANHE 35-541 (1)
SANHE 35-541 (2)


1. The product uses a cost-effective vertical EQ structure, three-layered insulated wires to ensure primary and secondary insulation
2. Use laser equipment to pre-clean the insulation of the wire to improve the soldering quality
3. Monitor the Vcc output voltage during the process to avoid protection malfunction during power supply operation


1. The height of this product can be controlled below 15mm, which can meet the ultra-thin design of TV sets
2. This product is designed with CCM scheme and features high work efficiency and stable characteristics
3. The product is specially optimized to deal with temperature rise during operation, and the problem of overheating will not occur under heavy load conditions.



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